Umbrella Insurance

You may think of your driveway as a simple strip of concrete that takes you from your private property to public roadways. However your driveway is your responsibility, make sure it’s properly maintained so it doesn’t become a hazard.

Driveways don’t stay smooth forever — uneven pavers or driveway cracks and potholes are a common problem. They compromise the appearance of the driveway, can be hard on your car and most importantly, can present a tripping hazard. I

f someone trips and falls on your property, you could be legally responsible for their injuries. And some homeowner’s insurance policies may not offer enough protection against major personal liability claims.

What would you do if a mishap occurred on your property and caused damage or injuries beyond the terms of your homeowners insurance?

Worse yet, what would you do if you found yourself named as the defendant in a multi-million dollar lawsuit because of damages or injuries that occurred on your property?

We don’t expect the unthinkable to happen but sometimes it does. Although there’s no way to completely avoid the possibility of being sued, there a way to help reduce the potential impact of a devastating lawsuit: personal liability coverage.

Personal Liability Umbrella insurance supplements the liability coverage you already have through your homeowners or auto insurance and provides an extra layer of protection through increased or excess coverage limits. The umbrella policy kicks in when you reach the limit on your underlying liability coverage. Most importantly, the cost of your legal defense is provided for a covered loss.

Plan for the unexpected. Most of us work very hard to accumulate assets — it’s important to try to protect them. You never know when the unexpected may occur — make sure you’re prepared and don’t forget your umbrella. Umbrella policies are relatively inexpensive, compared to the coverage they provide. The average umbrella policy, providing an additional $1 million in liability protection, costs under $300 per year. Call me for more information at 949-550-2502.